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Junior's Day, Mizens Railway


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Posted: Sat 11th Jun 2011, 9:57pm
Junior's Day, Mizens Railway

Many thanks to all at Mizens for their hospitality. All your visitors young and old had a great day enjoying the superb facilities and we were all kept refreshed by the wonderful food and drinks. Your hard work was much appreciated by both my sons who spent the two hour drive home talking about what a great day they had. Well done all. We hope to return...

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Posted: Mon 13th Jun 2011, 8:40am

May I second the above thanks. My son slept for most of the 1 1/2 hour drive home :-)


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Posted: Wed 15th Jun 2011, 7:54pm

A Great day, Many Thanks to mizens people for their hospitality.
Anyone got any nice pics of my Black Romulus or the Allchin? Many Thanks. Ian.


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Posted: Thu 16th Jun 2011, 9:39am

Hello Ian
Janet has got some photos and I'll ask her to look through and send you anything she has
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