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No win, no fee lawyers fail in attempt to sue club for damages


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Posted: Thu 27th Jul 2017, 12:52pm
No win, no fee lawyers fail in attempt to sue club for damages

Sheffield Model Engineers Society was taken to court recently following an accident on the 7¼" gauge elevated track almost three years ago when a young girl injured her foot whilst riding on a sit astride carriage. The judge found there was no case to answer and the club was exonerated with an 'unblemished record'. Recording all the details at the time, including taking statements and photos, followed by close examination of the club's driver training ( all recorded), risk assessment, adherence to the HSE216 guidelines, maintenance records, reporting to HSE under Riddor, safety notices and verbal/recorded warnings to passengers etc all came under scrutiny and passed examination in court. PLEASE take note and if you are not operating under these conditions, may I suggest you begin to do so. I have to say the judge was absolutely on the ball and clearly understood all the issues, including correcting the plaintiff's barrister on his misinterpretation of the guidelines.

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Nigel Musson

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Posted: Fri 8th Sep 2017, 2:13pm

Mick delighted you had a successful outcome. This emphasises the value of HSG216 and the importance of implementing it for your own circumstances. This document is being rewritten and it is VITAL that all members support a continuation of the principles contained in HSG216. Please see the news item
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