SPRING EDITION OF THE NEWS 2017 issue No. (160)

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Members (after signing-in) can view or download a copy of the SPRING 2017 edition of the NEWS from the Website Archive.

Once again it is full of interesting information and News items.

We hope you enjoy it.

In this issue of the NEWS, for members of the 7 1/4 " Gauge Society, there is an introductory offer to be able to join the Narrow Gauge Railway Society at a reduced price. There is a special News item on the website to tell you about this and it contains a direct link to the Narrow Gauge Railway Society Membership Page.  There is also an article in the NEWS to inform you about the Narrow Gauge Railway Society.  Please note this offer is not open to existing members of the Narrow Gauge Railway Society.

To all members who have renewed their subscription to the 7 1/4" Gauge Society - thank you this is most helpful to the Society.  To any member who is still to renew please be aware that this will be the last publication you will receive and access on the website members section may be denied.

Membership rates for 2017 are unchanged


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