TLO Officer Vacancy

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Ladies, gentlemen and last but certainly not least, fellow railway enthusiasts.

As I am sure you may know, I have been trying to find a successor and thus far with little success, perhaps it's time to change the after shave!

I have enjoyed my time in the role but feel a new incumbent will have the opportunity to take a fresh look at the role and how it may be improved for all

I would emphasize the word ALL as I very much believe that whether we are an individual or a business we are all one hobby and it is in the best interests of all to have a strong vibrant commercial sector that we can buy products and services from

For example, if you enjoy hacking metal with a chisel and hammer, fine, but I do know from personal experience that it is far easier to get laser cut parts and we are only going to have these services if they are viable

The day to day administration has been moved onto suitable software and I have opted to carry out the role by telephone and email. A successor may see another way to handle the role

In essence the role is one that helps one side of our community communicate their products and services and in consequence the whole community benefits not only from those products and services but also the income generated, which defrays the individual's cost of membership

If you are interested in knowing more about the role please speak to me

Best wishes

Nigel Musson

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