7 1/4"G Class 86 "Alstom Heritage"

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7 1/4"G Class 86 "Alstom Heritage"

For Sale

Price £4750

Date 24/12/2017 at 22:30

Location Norwich

Contact Seller :

Telephone Icon   07771677321

Email Icon   arm1@surfanytime.net



7 1/4" Gauge Class 86 Electric loco "Alstom Heritage" is an older model with one of Keith Parkinson's digital controllers. In fact, it's thought that Keith rebuilt the loco with his controller some years ago. It is a prodigious hauler, often pulling 5 loaded Aristocraft coaches but in recent years it's been used to teach our grandchildren to drive. As soon as they can reach the regulator of a steam loco though, they're off, never to return to driving an electric. So, it's seriously for sale as it takes up rather a lot of space in the workshop.
There's no plate on the motor but it looks to be a 2hp and the two batteries in series provide enough power for it to run all day long. It comes complete with a digital 24V charger. Loco braking is by a mechanical disc brake & train braking by a PNP vacuum pump system.
Condition-wise, the body is superb having been re-painted and numbered several years ago but the chassis could do with a coat of paint.

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