Fly Crank Blanks

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Fly Crank Blanks


Price £10 each

Date 30/01/2018 at 16:50


Location Beer, Devon

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Water (or laser?) cut fly crank blanks for 7 1/4 loco'. Approx dimensions for:

8 off: 5.5" high; 3/4" thick; 1.75 centres, bore to crank pin - both nominal 7/8" bore.
Remaining 4 off: as other 8 but with 1/2" deep boss on rear, 3/4" centre bore. NOTE: these have been bored on a machine where the Z axis was out of true so will need all bores opening up slightly to correct!
Selling at less than cost price for blanks. Will split quantities into fours. Postage within mainland UK approx. £7.50 per four. FOUR now SOLD.

Please contact Note: no “UK” on the end!

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