Pair of 7 1/4" Class 40 Bogies

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Pair of 7 1/4" Class 40 Bogies

For Sale

Price £2600

Date 5/11/2017 at 19:35

Location Staines upon Thames

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New and unused, these bogies were order 2 years ago from 17D Miniatures along with an identical set. One set went under my Class 40 with the idea of building a second loco, unfortunately life and work has got in the way and whilst I still have my class 40, these bogies are going spare.

They have two drive chains going from the motor to the 2nd and 3rd axle with another chain linking the 1st and 2nd. Each bogie has a 17D Miniature’s brake calliper which via the drive chains brakes all 3 axles.

The motor on each bogie is a Parvalux 750w, 24v, 3000rpm no load speed and pulls like an ox.

The build quality from 17D is fantastic and so is the customer service for that matter. This unused set of Class 40 bogies would be perfect for another wanting a winter project and I would welcome anyone who wishes to come and take a look.


ps, there are more picture via this link:

or please email me for more photos.

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