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3 inch scale hunslet ( ALICE ) steel boiler drawing?


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Posted: Tue 27th Sep 2011, 11:54pm
3 inch scale hunslet ( ALICE ) steel boiler drawing?

Hi All,

does anyone know of a drawing for a steel boiler for the 3 inch scale hunslet ( Alice ) 0-4-0 loco??

many thanks

Andrew Gallacher

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Posted: Sun 25th Mar 2012, 8:12pm

If you go on reeves site, under 7 1/4" loco's find the 'Elidir' drawings, that is as close as you can get from what i know!
Hope this is of help,


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Posted: Sun 25th Mar 2012, 8:41pm

Hi Romeo,

the loco i'm referring to is using the drawings for ELIDIR and the boiler drawing is for copper!

not sure if i should redraw the boiler to steel and get it certified! gonna cost abit though todo it that way!

any1 know what sort of price i'm going tobe looking at for this? getting a boiler drawing certified!



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Posted: Mon 26th Mar 2012, 7:53am

Hi Andrew,
In the first instance I recommend that you check the content of our Society website (top bar, l/h side) under 'About Us/Services & Track Standards/item #2: Boiler Testing', part of which quotes "Before purchasing or building a miniature steam boiler it is strongly recommended you become fully aware of the rules and regulations that apply". It's important to consult with your chosen boiler inspector (whether within our Society, your local club or commercial) who should be able to advise in detail appropriate procedures throughout the drawing/construction process, to ensure you that end up with a boiler fully compliant with the rules, regulations and law - one which your boiler inspector will be happy to inspect and test for the future.
There may well be no 'cheap' option in this process, but a boiler which is fully compliant is going to cost a lot less than one which isn't!
As if that isn't enough, the 'Elidir' boiler drawings (for copper) contain some design and construction anomalies, so be aware of this when embarking on your eventual boiler project. For more information do feel free to contact me separately (contact details elsewhere on this website, or inside f/cover of your 'News').
Best Wishes for your project.
Frank Sidebottom
Committee Member

Peter Beevers

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Posted: Mon 26th Mar 2012, 11:12am


The last time I thought about doing it, it took me ages to get the right person in RSA to even talk about it. But they seemed to think it'd be about £700 to get a new boiler (of our size) certified.

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